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I AM A Magnet Glass Cup With Straw & Lid

I AM A Magnet Glass Cup With Straw & Lid

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Our 16 oz "I Am a Magnet" glass cup is a charming and inspiring drinkware piece designed to attract positivity and prosperity into your daily life. Shaped like a classic soda can, this unique glass cup features a secure lid and reusable straw, making it perfect for enjoying your favorite beverages both on the go and at home.

This beautifully designed cup showcases the affirmation "I Am a Magnet For" alongside an illustration of a magnet and a bag of money, surrounded by various positive words such as "Abundance," "Prosperity," "Health," "Wealth," "Joy," "Love," and "Happiness." Each word is thoughtfully placed to create a powerful visual reminder of the positive energy you attract with every sip.


  • 16 oz soda can-shaped glass cup
  • Includes a bamboo lid and reusable straw
  • Features positive words such as "Abundance," "Health," "Joy," and "Love"
  • Made from high-quality, durable glass (lead & BPA free)

Positive words included:

  • "Abundance"
  • "Health"
  • "Wealth"
  • "Joy"
  • "Love"
  • "Prosperity"
  • "Happiness"

Perfect as a gift for yourself or a loved one, this cup combines practicality with inspirational design, making it an ideal companion for manifesting what you want in life. Because when you believe in your ability to attract positivity, the universe responds in kind.

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