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Personalized Glass Abundance Cup

Personalized Glass Abundance Cup

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This 16 oz Personalized "Abundance Cup," is part of The Abundance Collection and is  designed to attract positivity and prosperity into your life. It is adorned with multiple affirmations that you can read aloud everyday to put you in an abundance mindset.

Perfect for personal use or as a meaningful gift, this cup combines functionality with inspirational design, helping you attract abundance with every sip because when you focus on abundance, the universe responds with even more to be grateful for.

For a personal touch, this cup can be customized with your name or the name of a loved one, making it a thoughtful and inspiring gift. 

Affirmations included:

"I am a powerful creator. I create the life that I want."

"Money flows to me easily and frequently."

"I am a magnet for abundance and prosperity"

"My body is strong and healthy."

"I am surrounded by love and joy."

"I am aligned with the energy of abundance."

"I am grateful for the abundance I have right now and the abundance that's on its way."


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